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A time to grow in faith, share with people that love Jesus and connect with God learning about His word.

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In small groups, we have a simple purpose, to bring people together. We believe that God created us to build relationships with others. Only in this way can we live a complete life that He arranged for us.

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PARENTS OF ALL KIDS 6th Grade and UP---

On March 6th at 5 p.m. Pastor John will be teaching and leading a New 12-week Youth Confirmation Class for kids 6th grade and up.
The classes will be one hour long each Sunday night beginning at 5 pm, in the Youth Building.
This confirmation class will be Biblically Based but will help cover Faith 101 and what it means to be a Christian.

What are we confirming?
We are confirming in some cases, the kids, infant baptisms or God reaching into their lives, and they are reaching back to God!
We are confirming that they want to make God their Shepherd in life.

The Youth will end this 12-week class with a solid Biblical foundation of the major stories in Scripture and their theological significance and what doctrines we derive from them!

Please sign up your kids by emailing me or letting me know at:

Here’s an outline of the materials:

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